Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Icelandic Felted Soap Creations

On such a rainy day the wee one (who is not so wee anymore) is feeling quite content drawing her pictures.  Dinner is cooking and I had about an hour to spare so what else could I do....But Felt some soap!!

I need to learn how to spin soon before I run out of fleece making all kinds of felted things!! :-)


  1. You are going to town on that felting! They look great!

  2. Truth be told I'm a feltin fool! :)

  3. Very nice, Sandy, good for you!

  4. Hey, Sandy, here's a link to the Handspinners' Guild I was telling you about.
    Next meeting is Nov. 20 - a potluck!!!
    Hope your weekend is good.

  5. Thanks so much Elaine. Will check it out. From what I understand it is pretty farm from me, but I wouldn't mind going once in a while. I'll let you know. Have a great day!!