Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lambs 2011

Black Beauty (cliche' but so true)

Sweet and Funny spotted ram

First cozy night in the lambing jug.

Emma loving the new lambs

Abby too!!

Motherly love.

Finally out of the pen.

Lambs hoping about.

Oh, and thats me, the proud grandma of our very first lamb born on the farm!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guard Llamas Anyone?

Good morning! After a torrential downpour last night, the morning greeted us with an almost (almost) warm breeze. The is coming up and a light mist is rising gently. I plopped my old chair right in the pasture with my coffee in hand and sat to watch the sheep. If anyone would have told me this is what I would have longed for twenty years ago, I would have giggled and put another coin in the jukebox and taken another sip of my frozen margarita!! Wow, one does grow up and if lucky learn to appreciate the much simpler life.
Ok, but now back to the topic at hand. We are considering a guard animal for our flock. There haven't been many coyote or dog attacks in our area but it would bring me much comfort as sleep at night. Dogs are always an option but have heard of llamas being great deterrents and fiber would be a nice plus.
Wondered if any of you have any experience with llamas as such. Also wondering if anyone knows of breeders in the Central NY area?

Would love to hear your points if view!

Mama and Babes are doing great! Still waiting on good ol' Eliza Jane to give us the last of the new lambs.

Have a wonderful day.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Perfect Lambing!!!

A quick update between barn checks, our first ever lamb was on Bachar Farms this afternoon, in what can be called a textbook lambing!
Our first lamb was born to one of our ewe lambs Ania. From the moment we spotted her water bag to when her little lamb was delivered took no more than 35 minutes!! Within 20 minutes the lamb was up and trying to nurse while first time mom took great care of her charge.

Both are in the lambing jug now getting more aquainted. Mama is enjoying her molasses and water and a but of our best hay. Baby is the cutest black button you ever saw with a tiny white patch on it's head.

As soon as I go check on them again I will find out If its a ram or an ewe. I was just so excited that I forgot to look !!!

We are just so thankful that all was smooth without any complications.

Shepherdess (and loving it)