Monday, June 25, 2012

Silent Monday


  1. the weather looks great there...look at that blue sky.

  2. Do your Icelandic really stay behind that three wire fence? I am so afraid to try. I have been using electric netting.

  3. Marie they do stay there without any problems at least so far so good. That is just an area that buys me some extra grass so its temporary. The reason I don't worry so much is because there is a horse fence with sheep wire fencing with barbed wire and electric around the whole base perimiter. But otherwise they do stay in those areas.

  4. Hi It's Nancy Jacobs the Basketmaster. I was having trouble sending you a response to the question you left me on YouTube about basket weaving for your girl scouts.
    I wrote a blog post on teaching children to weave. You can find it here:
    You might find that they are a little young, but if each child has a parent helping them it will go smoother.
    BTW...I LOVE your soaps! These are amazing!
    Blessings ~ Nancy