Monday, February 14, 2011

St. Valentine's Day

I couldn't resist one more post before I put myself to bed.  My first thoughts were to make a special dinner and dessert for my dearest. The day had other plans.  Our oldest Emma woke up and seemed fine as she worked on finishing her classmates Valentine cards but then suddenly she seemed to wobble a bit.  A touch of the forehead confirmed the fever.  Hmmmph...poor little piglet.  She crawled back into her flannels and back into bed.  Next was the three year old Abigale.  Ooh she's a tough one.  Runny nose and whiny.  Needed me glued to her side.  Not once but a billion times I took the trek upstairs to check on Emma and of course she always thought of one more thing just as I was already at the bottom of the stairs. Who needs a gym!
Ok, so by now I know I am home bound and will have to get creative with dinner! I look at the clock and shriek, it was already half past 2 and I hadn't even begun.

Well, as it all turned out I made a red sauce with meatballs over gnocchi.  Small tossed salad and a yummy white cake with homemade frosting.  I took all the leftover hearts Em had cut out and sprinkled them over the table along with a few rose petals.  Used the nice china, oh and for the final touch...found our wedding cake topper and placed smack on top of my little cake! It screamed romance...and I prayed Georgie thought so too!
This was the scene I set:

Emmies little hearts....

Then just as dinner was ending I realize I survived my crazy day without passing out or having a hissy fit because I didn't have on hand what I needed or should say wanted to have for dinner. What I DID have was a nice meal for my wonderful husband and family.  We had a yummy desert made with love and silliness. And I had them all with me...all around me.  What I though couldn't get any better did.
My sweetie left the dinning room for a minute and like a jolly o'l elf came back with trinkets for the girls and Nana (my mommy).  They all beamed.  I beamed.  Then, just like in a movie he slips me a little black velvet box and whispers "happy Valentine's day".  Inside was a shiny new Miraculous Medal that he knew I'd been wanting.  I was allergic to the one I had been wearing and had been heartbroken since I couldn't wear it any longer.  He is so thoughtful (and handsome too).  I think I am just going to have to keep him.
Here are the girls with their little trinkets from their daddy.

and Abby

Good night all.  I have a little cuddling to do.
Happy St. Valentine's Day!


Spinning a yarn!!

WOW!!! What a feeling! As of yesterday, I have officially been spinning wool fleece into yarn.  It may not be the the prettiest right now but it sure is nice to see it winding up on the bobbin. 
I started taking lessons after two years waiting, last week at the Philadelphia Handweavers Guild in Manayunk, PA.  Every Saturday from 1:30-4:30.  After the first class last week, I really thought I'd been in Spinning 101 for the next 10 years.  It seemed hopeless.  Each time I began to treadle, it seemed like my foot had bionic speed and my poor hands were impossible to keep up. 
There I was, attempting to keep my "drafting triangle" steady, treadle slowly....ahhhh I threw my hands up more than once.  It was like patting my head and rubbing my tummy at the same just doesn't work.

But then our instructor Deb, patience and humor of a Saint just kept encouraging me. 
The second class was getting started and I sat before my wheel and was resolved to continue spinning commercial yarn onto the bobbin (a bobbin which I was certain cried out for real warm wool wrapped around it).  Suddenly I felt a little push and I offered up a silly little prayer. 

And this is what magically happened!!!

OK like I said, not the prettiest but it felt so good to finally "get it".  Then I came home and amid all the usual hustle and bustle of family life I tried again and this is what I have so far.

When I ran out of the Coopworth roving that I got at class, I tried the next batch of Shetland.  I have to say its not as easy to draft and spin as the first was.  Maybe its me (always a possibility) but I just think its a little rougher.  I need another bobbin and I might give plying a try!!! Did I really say that?? Wow, life is good!

So there you have it.  The joys of a newbie handspinner! I can't begin to express how silly and giddy I felt when I first realized that I was actually spinning this raw wool into something that could soon be used to knit with.  I see a future filled with warm woolly socks for my kiddies! Heck I think the pooch might need a pair!

And now it is Saint Valentine's Day and I have a house filled with little sick ones and one sick Nana that I have to tend to.  Spinning will have to wait until they are all tucked in for the night.  If I don't fall asleep at the "wheel" first! LOL that was spinning humor in case you missed it :-) !

Happy Saint Valentine's Day to you! Share your love not only with that special someone but with all those, near and far who bring love into your life every day! And that means your sheepie too!

God Bless you always.