Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Carding Wool

I am really enjoying my Ashford curved carders.  At first I was a little intimidated but after a few whirls, it got a lot easier.  Transferring the fiber from the stationary carder to the working carder seemed impossible to me (though it is really really easy) but I found a few great videos on Youtube.com and it became alot clearer.
Like I have said in the past few posts, I just need to find "stuff" to do with this beautiful fiber while I wait and wait for my spinning lessons.  I can't just let it sit there fluffy white and washed waiting!!!!

So I have begun the carding and making rolags.  From what I understand some handspinners will spin right from the rolag.  If any of you can shed some light for me please do, what is the difference between rolags and rovings? I know that rovings seem smoother...is that it?

For now I am working with my white fleece.  In the future I will play with some natural dye and see what lovelies I come up with.  There is a project I have in mind for today if I have time, Soap Felting!
It looks so pretty and practical! I'll keep you posted as to how it goes.  Meanwhile here is a picture of one of my first rolags.

And just a quick note.....Don't forget to VOTE!!!



  1. Beautiful! I'd like to know more about these carders. Where can I get this info?

  2. Hey Brenda, I found them on Etsy but if you go to ParadiseFibers.com or the Woolery.com they have tons of information and you can purchase them from either. And Youtube.com is awesome for information. I have never tried carding until now so I don't know if these are the best or what others are like but I will say that I sure am enjoying them!!!

  3. Hi Sandy, I am still learning but I think roving refers to the product that comes off a drum carder (vs. hand carder). I am learning to spin with a drop spindle and I am spinning from pretty much exactly what you show in your photo. I make my rolags with the Ashford carders too. Margaret at Trinity also recommends a flick carder, due to the 2 layers of wool being kind of tricky.....so far I have only been using the big carders. Someone else also recommended a comb - said I could start with something like a dog comb before getting big and expensive fiber combs.....I go to a handspinners guild in Victor once a month, just started. Would be glad to have you come along to the November meeting if you want. I know it's a long distance, but people come from all around - some of the members come from Buffalo...

  4. wow! you are way ahead of the game than me!! LOL. I would love to come to a meeting! when is it?