Saturday, November 27, 2010

Breeding Time and Fleece Sale!!

Wow, two posts in one day! Can I stand it!

Things are now really moving slow since the Thanksgiving calories are settling on our bones ahhh but the extra insulation doesn't hurt with these low temps we are having (gotta put a positive spin on holiday weight gain)!
Finally the time came for our gorgeous Ram Arna, to be reunited with his fabulous gal pals!! I got myself all bundled up in my heavy duty coveralls, wool socks and new wool hat (needle felted by yours truly) and off to the sheep pen I went.
The air was crisp and the anticipation was high both for me and the sheepies.  It seemed they knew what I was about to do.  That their natural instincts were to be satisfied after much separation.  Eliza Jane greeted me first, well, really second she head butted poor little Aniela out of the way.  Her look was curious, as if studying me and my intentions.
Snapping pictures as I entered they followed my every step.  Across the pen the boys stood at the gate with a quick little shuffling of the hooves. I spoke softly to them and asked them to play nice with each other.
As soon as that gate the kept them apart for the last almost three months was swung open, it took no more than half a minute before the choreography began! Arna's neck went down, his regal head went up and so did his top lip.  He set his sights on Ania, our black lamb only she wasn't too thrilled at the advances.  After a quick ring around the rosey round the big maple tree, he decided he'd change the game plan.  Elilza Jane our yearling was more than agreeable to his attempted affections and held her position!  I stood in amazement at the sight of this dance of nature.  Camera in hand and a few video clips later (oh did I mention I wore rubber boots not insulated ones? Yeah, my toes were numb) I knew my presence was not needed nor wanted I am certain.  After trailing them through the pasture for a good 45 minutes, I made like the wind and made my way back to the house.  Reluctantly I might add.

We all continued to watch from the kitchen picture window!! What busy bodies we are ;-)  .
If all goes well, come April we should have some lovely babies gracing our farm! fingers crossed everyone!!!

Changing gears for a moment, lets talk fleece!!! Since our shearing a few weeks ago I have been working hard at skirting and needle felting!! As you know I have felted everything I can get my hands on but truly I think hats are going to be my thing.  I will be posting some pictures a little later when the camera starts acting normal again.  I've already made two and am working on my third.  Meanwhile, I have put up a listing on Ebay and will soon on Etsy, for 2.2 oz of black skirted, unwashed fleece.  Check it out, its under gebjr90 on Ebay.  In the future it will be under BacharFarms.

Here is a sample of the locks...let me know if you'd like any or just your thoughts would be plenty!!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. It is my prayer that health and happiness abound for you and yours!!



  1. Sandy, sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving.
    I just started skirting my fleeces today. I love it! I couldn't stop!
    Don't you just love that silly grin the rams do when the girls pee for them! LOL!
    Is this your first year, too? I am so looking forward to lambs in the spring. I am thrilled to have chosen this breed of sheep to's just all so exciting.

  2. Yes, Brenda this is our first year! I'm a little nervous and praying Arna knows what he is doing! lol. How is it going for you?
    Need to skirt some more... ;)

  3. It seems to be going okay. Our Solomon certainly seems keen, anyway. Greg has seen him "with" one of the ewes, but mostly we just see him chasing and grinning! But, who knows what goes on after they get shut up in the barn at night!
    I keep wondering how we'll know if they've been bred. Is there a sign?
    I love working with the wool. I love the feel and smell of it.
    Happy felting.

  4. I was just thinking the same ow thing? How do we know? I know some folks actually use a little sonogram machine. I don't think I will do that but some like it. We are planning to keep them together till the beginning of January. I hope that covers at least two cycles. How are you doing it?

  5. We just have our ram in with the ewes all the whatever happens, happens. I'm hoping we can get our areas set up better for next year...but this year??? If he throws any ram lambs, we plan to make them wethers. We are getting the two pregnant ewes in Jan/Feb. If one of them has a ram lamb, we'll pair him with Solomon's ewe lambs for next year. Then all the boys will be able to keep each-other company when they can't be with the girls. We are kinda learning on the fly this year, so we just have to go with the flow! LOL!

  6. hey Brenda just wondered how long would you keep them together for? I am going to seperate them in early Jan to avoid having little Lambs too late in the season with parasites and heat and all that. Does that make sense to you? I'm pretty much wingin it too. :)

  7. I've heard that's how most people do it. I just am not set up to be able to do that this year, so am praying everyone gets bred by January! The lady I bought them from said that Solomon is a good and helpful daddy, so there should be no problem with him being around when the lambs come. I guess if it looked like there was going to be a problem, we could put him in with the horse and donkey until later in the year. We'll see how it goes.

  8. Well then...we'll have to compare notes come April!