Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Felting Soap With Icelandic Fleece

Felting soap is a very new idea to me but apparently it has been around for a very long time.  Below is my first attempt at felting soap with fleece from my own Icelandic sheep! Icelandic fleece felts very easily so this process didn't take long at all. They were just shorn about two weeks ago and I have been washing and carding the fibers and this is the result of my handiwork. I think I know what everyone is getting for Christmas.  ;)

First I used about 2oz of fleece that had been carded into rolags and placed a very very inexpensive soap on it. I made sure the width of the rolag was just wider than the soap. I then rolled it. I then took another piece and wrapped the soap across the other way. Then I took a third piece of fleece and wrapped it length wise again to make sure the soap would not be visible after felting.
So here is my soap tucked inside a big ball of fleece!

I then ran it under hot water and began matting the fleece and began the felting process. I did little dribbles of water at a time and kept matting the fleece down until it was sticking together and not opening up. Lots of suds at this time.

(doesnt' it look like a yummy ball of fresh mozzarella)

After I ran it along the ridges for a while I continued to pat it and shape it with my hands. I tried to pull the fleece away from the soap and it would not give and that is how I knew the felting was complete.

Now picture it with a little raffia tied around it! Oooh lovely little homemade gift!
Its a pretty and practical gift, soap and loofah in one!

Have fun felting!!



  1. That is so cool! I will tuck that idea into my bag of tricks! Always looking for new things to do with my wool! Thanks.

  2. Sandy, they will make wonderful gifts!