Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happenings At The Farm

Well, its been a couple of busy weeks since my last post.  Life on the farm is pretty calm.  Had one lamb Ania our pretty little black lamb with a bad cough for a spell.  The vet had come out a few weeks back to give them and our new little set up a once over and heard the cough but didn't think much of it.  She did mention that if it continued to give her a penicillin shot once a day for 7days.  I waited and prayed that that would not be necessary....but know what always happens.  Shots were necessary.  I didn't want her to get worse and since the cough was not going away on its own it needed to be done.  Thankfully, Mr. Doug who cares for our charges when we are not on the farm had a good friend with some experience in the matter of administering medication with a syringe.
Mr. Doug and I watched closely so that we could mimic his actions exactly.  Definitely a two man job until you really know what your doing.  All went well.  And thankfully Mr. Doug did all the subsequent shots. 
Its been well over a week and Ania seems cured of all that ailed her.  She never seem sick or lethargic but certainly not coughing has made her seem all the perkier!

We had the remainder of the fence line run down the length of the east and west side of the farm.  On the west side we ran it down to the barn so that come lambing season, should we be so blessed with little fluffy babies it will be alot easier to scoot mama and babe into the lambing jugs right from their pasture.  Of course we haven't cleaned out the lower barn or set up any jugs just yet but it is all on our to do list at least.  Oh yea, maybe we should get through breeding first!  That happens next week.  Our gorgeous ram Arna is ready to rock and roll with his lovely ladies!! Got his horns stuck in the fence more than once attempting to cop of little whiff of a ewe or two!  So come Thanksgiving weekend "let the games begin"!! Everyone say a prayer that I know what I am doing or better yet...that Arna knows what he is doing ;-).

I have a ton of fresh pictures for you that my friend Teresa took while visiting with us and am waiting on them.  Can't wait to share.  Now I'm off to get ready for my American Heritage Girl troop meeting tomorrow.  Many Miles to travel before I sleep.

God Bless,


  1. Hi Sandy,
    Sometimes worms can cause sheep have a cough. Also wanted to add...set your jugs up in the barn closest to the house. I sometimes spend most of the night running back and forth to the barn during lambing season.
    As far as the shot giving thing goes. My friend, Mary Carol, states with sheep, she has a syringe in her hand all the time and she is just about right.
    Happy traveling!

  2. Just tonight as George and I were locking up the gates he thought he heard the ram cough. I'm hoping its just a blade of grass! Otherwise here we go again. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.