Sunday, January 2, 2011

Learning Together

The house is still and the last of the burning logs smolder in the stove.  Dear hubby left for Philly today, miss him already.  But so dear was he that he took to doing my chores around the farm this morning.  Practically before coffee was done brewing, he donned his coat and hat, slipped into his snow boots and off to the barn to fetch some hay he went.  He filled the buckets with fresh water for the sheep and chickens and collected the eggs.  Meanwhile I sat in the sitting room carding more wool.  Ahhhh, such a nice and peaceful way to start the day.  But no sooner was he back that the little ones came bounding down the stairs wanting much of our attention.  And we were glad to give it.

Emma, our oldest couldn't resist the temptation of all the wool on the floor and not being able to touch it.  She looked at me with pleading eyes and I went about showing her how to card the wool.  She beamed!! When she made her first rolag she jumped for joy and wanted to know when she could start to make felt LOL!!  Abby, who will be three next month was content to sit in her rocker with her lovey and her milk, she likes to admire from afar.

Emma placing her locks on the carders. They are bigger than she is! 
She looks like she knows what she's doing!

So as I go about learning all things Icelandic sheep and all things woolly, its so much more fun learning it together with my girls.  Even if they never grow up to enjoy the same things I do, its nice to know they have been exposed to these little wonders in the world.  Though I can bet that Emma will be asking for a set of carders instead of an I-pod for her next birthday!!! Yay!!! A mother can dream.....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sheepy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! I trust everyone had a great holiday and are already busy planning the many projects that will be completed this year!  We were fortunate to spend most of our time at home with family and friends this past week leading up to the the new year. 
I spent some time fluffing up the sheep living quarters as they have been spending many more hours in there than usual.  Though we had much snow still covering the ground I moved some straw to the rams barn that they aren't using right now to store it.  For as soon as the snow begins to melt (like today) the mud pit will be enormous.  Its all I can do to keep the mud to a dull roar so the fleeces don't get packed with it. 
The Chickens are still laying between 5 and 6 eggs a day with their little heat lamp keeping them toasty. I went in and fluffed up their coop as well.   We are looking to get Icelandic chickens this spring if I can find a breeder.
All in all the chores were minimal and it was nice spending some quiet time with the Icelandic crew.  The lights on the sheep shed were a nice touch I thought!! LOL.
Oh, and did mention I was on a yet another felting frenzy?? Yes indeed! Let me know what you think of my latest cobweb felted table scarves!

 Above is from our black lamb Ania with a little Eliza and some dyed red wool.
 Above is a mulberry silk/merino blend with a cobweb texture you can't really see in the picture. Its so light and smooth with a great sheen to it.

This is my fave!!! I wish the picture was better so you can see the cobwebbing through out the felting.  I am not tooting my own horn, I am just amazed at what this Icelandic fleece can accomplish when played with just so.  This is just way too much fun!!

Many wishes for a happy healthy and a sheepy new year!!! (I know corny)  :)