Monday, March 14, 2011

Lambing Jugs and Other Happenings

Lots of things going on here at Bachar Farms.  Getting ready for our first lambing season! We still can't believe that it finally going to happen.  A dream of old finally come to fruition.  We plan and pray.  We build and pray some more. 

This is the latest project going on.  Building our lambing jugs.  Our good friend Doug, who does so much for me and the sheep, especially when I am not at the farm to keep an eye on the flock, is building our lambing jugs.  He is amazing! Bachar farms would not be if it were not for Doug's help.

Our lambing plan is not to have the ewes lamb in the barn in jugs (unless they choose too) but to have them lamb in the pasture if that tends to be their natural instinct and desire.  But we do want them to have a warm and covered environment in which to lamb readily available, especially for our first time moms. 

The plan is that they lamb on pasture (since our flock is so small it should be easy to manage) and then take them into the barn for a day or two to spend quality bonding time in the jugs.  Once in the jugs, we will check out that the lambs are doing well (especially if there are twins or triplets).  Give the ewes some nice fresh hay and some fresh water.  Meanwhile we'll weigh the lambs and take care of clipping and dipping navels.  Drench the babies with Nutri Drench for a nice boost to their system and check mama's udder.  If all looks as it should we'll leave them in the jugs with plenty of hay and water and a heat lamp to make everyone comfy and cozy for the next day or so.

This is the frame for one of the jugs.  Each will measure 4x6.

We added two windows on the North wall for air circulation.

And we added a small door so the sheep and their lambs have access to the pasture behind the barn.
Oh and in case you didn't guess it...this is the AMAZING Doug!

The plan is to have three lambing jugs with access from the main pasture that will then be closed off so that the boys can't come in and bother the girls.  The ewes and lambs will be turned out to the pasture behind the barn for a day or so until we are sure that everyone is healthy and bonding just right!  Once that is done we will turn them out to the paddocks with the boys who will be happy to see the babies!!!

So these are the happenings at the farm right now.  We keep praying that the snows are gone.  After last weeks 22 inch storm I think I'm done with winter! But in the meantime we are so excited and expect only good things to come from this our first lambing season at Bachar Farm.  I am sure "our" plan will be changed a bunch of times as things involving nature often do.  We pray to be flexible and will bow down to the will of the sheep for who it is our privilege to share this glorious time with.

I pray the same for you!!



  1. Sandy, wishing you a wonderful lambing season! Keep up the info., it is so useful for other newbies like me!! No lambs for us this year, the sheep will come to us in May, but I am hoping for some babies to be born here next year! So I really appreciate hearing about your first-time experiences!

  2. Thanks for the good wishes Elaine! Being a newbie in all things farming especially sheep is scary and a little nerve wracking but oh so exciting. I will share all I learn...good and bad lol. Can't wait to see pictures of your sheep. That is as exciting as having lamb babies.

  3. Hey Elaine...I forget where are you located again??

  4. Sandy,
    You are off to a good start. I added a birthing jug last night. I have my vet supplies, colostrum, and heat lamps gathered and ready to get started. We could start any day now.
    Thank you so much for the recipe. I am going to print it out.
    What we do without the Dougs and Dannys?

  5. Hi Sandy, we are over in Lyons, on route 31, about an hour East of Rochester, and 17 miles north of Geneva, if that places it for you?

  6. Elaine, just dawned on me that we are not that far from eachother! Dah, I think I already knew that! Maybe we can meet at one of the fiber shows or something this summer! Or if your interested I am considering having some felting workshops at the farm this summer. Be well! Happy St. Paddy's Day! :-)

  7. Would love to get together sometime! I go to spinning guild meetings in Victor every third Saturday, if you ever want to make a day of it. And yes, I am interested in the felting workshops! :)

  8. How's lambing going? This is my first lambing season with Icelandic sheeep as well. I only have two ewes but I'm certainly nervous that all will turn out well. Hope you have beautiful lambs. (You certainly have beautiful sheep!)

    Take care and good luck-
    Angie in WA
    (btw-my blog is woefully neglected and has nothing about my sheep on it-there is needle felting though!)

  9. Hello Sandy,
    Thank you for your visit to my blog and thanks for your appreciations...