Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snow and Spin

The days are getting longer and the sure signs of spring can be seen, yet mother nature won't let us off the hook just yet!
Another snow storm is upon us. We rose early to see a whirlwind of tiny snowflakes falling from a white gray sky.
I have finally succumbed to the flu everyone else has had a turn with here and my head is heavy as I try to write this post. I sent DH on to Mass without us. An extra Rosary will have to take it's place for today.
But as I wondered through my congested fog I felt the urge to spin. And though I'd missed my last class I wanted to try and ply some single yarns I'd already made.
I can't seem to upload pictures for some reason I will try at a later date.
The result was a lovely (yet not balanced)kaleidoscope of colors blending into the white of the Icelandic single I'd already spun.
The joy that I felt at seeing this is more than I could truly describe. Suffice it to say that it encouraged me to look at my own wheel (I'd been using the one borrowed from the guild)and attempt to figure out what was wrong with it.
In short order I realized that it was the break band that needed to be set and though I still don't know for sure if I did it properly it worked like a charm!
I had been afraid that I wouldn't like using my wheel, a Kromski Prelude after having been taught on a Louet I quickly discovered that "my" wheel that my DH so lovingly bought form me is THE spinning wheel for me!
Well, it seems we will be snowbound for the next couple of days. Fortunately for me I have plenty of wool to spin.
Sorry for the squirly post as I am using my phone to post because the computer doesn't seem to be in the mood this cold winter day.

If you stop by please leave a comment! I would love to hear about your early spinning days or of your dreams to one day spin or knit.

Shepherdess and (wool Spinner) hee hee

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  1. Hope you are feeling better. I am also happy that you transitioned from the borrowed wheel to your own wheel without problems....Happy Spinning.