Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lambs 2011

Black Beauty (cliche' but so true)

Sweet and Funny spotted ram

First cozy night in the lambing jug.

Emma loving the new lambs

Abby too!!

Motherly love.

Finally out of the pen.

Lambs hoping about.

Oh, and thats me, the proud grandma of our very first lamb born on the farm!


  1. Great photos, Sandy! Such cute expressions. And beautiful photos of the nice green pasture. Wasn't it nice to have a dry day or two? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi!! Thanks for your comments. How are your sheep doing? And yes it was nice to have a couple of almost 80 degree days. I finally got to shovel out the rams pen and under the hay feeder, it had finally melted!

  3. Your babies are so cute! Great pictures. the girls will love playing with the new babies and the lambs will be very tame.

  4. ..such cuties!! I found your blog through your lovely items on Etsy. (There are so many awful wet-felted items on that site! Shudder.)
    Oddly enough, I just visited the Fingerlakes region in April. I hope you'll check out my posts from that trip and stop by to say 'hi' when you have a spare moment. I think your rural 'life change' is so brave and wonderful and I wish you only joy!! XXO-