Saturday, October 30, 2010

I See Fleece Everywhere I go.

OK, so I was driving along a busy highway, having spent the entire day (6 hours) at my daughters school for the big All Saints Day procession and games.  Fun though it was...I was delirious.  Two little girls sat in the back of the suburban mobile and chatted away as if they weren't the least bit tired.  The next 8 miles seemed like an eternity. Home and my comfy slippers were all I could think of when I looked up into the sky which had been overcast for most of the day and it was this perfect powdery blue with the gentlest of cloud wisps strewn across like fresh shorn FLEECE!!!

So there you have it...everywhere I look I see fluffy carefree fleece!! I think I am addicted and I love it!


  1. I am so with you on that! I loved my sheep so much already...but after shearing time yesterday, I am over the moon!

  2. Ha, I told my mom last week that her hair reminded me of some rolags I had carded - nice and fluffy! We are not far from you, in Lyons (route 31, right between Syracuse and Rochester) and we have put a deposit down on some sheep from Margaret at Trinity. I have enjoyed following your blog and ISBONA posts!

  3. Elain - so awesome that you are near us. We should visit eachothers farms one of these days! Margaret at Trinity is great! Our shetland wether is from her. She will be teaching me how to sping and prepare the wool!
    Your mom must have LOVED the comparison! LOL.
    Brenda - Its amazing how we fall for these fluffy creatures! My husband always says when he sees me with the sheep "you really love your sheep, don't you" I guess the look on my face says it all.