Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Learning about my flock

Well, finally got an appointment with the vet to come out and give the flock a once over.  They probably don't need it but I sure do!  The day after we brought them home I noticed some "irregularities" in the holding area we had them in and thought "oh oh" parasites! Yuck! After contacting the sellers they recommended Valbazen dewormer and said they should all be fine.  I checked their eyes for that pale anemic look and they were all nice and pink.  Our guess was that the stress of travel must have woken up some sleepy worms. Nice! But such is life with the sheep, better I get used to it.
A week later after being dewormed with the drench of Valbazen, some of the sheep were still not "regular" if you follow me.  It was quite a messy sight.  Ok, now I was getting nervous.  We had a visitor to the farm, Margaret from Trinity Farm who sold us Rhum the Shetland wethered ram and while she was dropping him  off she offered to check my flocks eyes for me.  YIKES!!!! White as snow they were.  She thought it may be the dreaded barpole parasite in the stomach that sucks the very life out of a sheep.  She recommended, a drench of ACV, nutri drench for sheep, molasses, and lots of garlic powder along with a serious dewormer drench of Ivermectin.  We administered both and two days later their eyes were returning to normal.  Thank God!! Was it the treatments? Was it nothing? Who knows, but better safe than sorry.
Now truth be told the sheep never displayed any other warning signs that they were extremely sick. Don't we wish they could speak.  They have been fine since.
Shortly after this episode, I noticed my black ewe lamb Ania had a cough.  Sounded much like a cat coughing up a fur ball.  Ok, my new shepherd nerves were on high alert "now what?"  So that's why I am having the vet come out and give them a once over to settle my own mind.  I think they are well but since the little sheepy can't whisper in my ear, I'd rather be on the safe side of things.

Here is a picture of me giving our ram lamb his drench of ACV. And my good friend Kelly after I talked her squeamish self into helping me tend the sheep!! Good job!! Who says we city girls can't rastle a sheep or two!

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