Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Farm

Georgie on the tractor! Just lovin life!!!

These are the out buildings.  The barn in the distance is the original Barn from 1850 that we had restored. My husband's great grandfather farmed this land so long ago, we wanted to save this beautiful barn.  The smaller building was the smokehouse later turned children's play house.  Our two little girls love playing Laura Ingalls in there! The farm was out of the family for many years until after much perseverance and hard work my hubby bought part of it back, the original farm house with a newer house on the property, the barn the little house and a total of 22 acres. 
We have fenced  the ten acres that have the two houses and barn on it with horse fencing and sheep wire fencing behind it and electric running the perimiter on the bottom to keep predetors out and the sheepies in.  
And lets not forget the ladies, Titi and Rosa Linda (emma named them) :)

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