Friday, May 20, 2011

Local Sheep Shearing Festival

For those of you in the Finger Lakes area Memorial Day weekend you should check out this great festival!! Lots of fun for the whole family!!


  1. Hey Sandy, how are you making out with your sheeop health concerns? Mine are breathing like locomotives over here, too!! Hope everyone's OK. Elaine

  2. Not sure Elaine. Only one is heavy breathing but now it seems 4 have runny noses. ????? And my shearer took a chunk out of my Shetlands hind leg and he was down for a while today until I noticed. Limping bad. Disinfected it and gave him a precautionary penicillin shot. hope yours are just puffin for no reason.

  3. Oh, Sandy, so sorry to hear about your Shetland's injury! I hope he is doing better today. Kindly, Elaine